Mouthwashes are used by many people as part of their daily oral care routine. A typical routine usually consists of brushing the teeth followed by the application of dental floss to remove any hard to reach food particles.

Finally, a slug of mouthwash is swilled around the mouth to remove this debris. Plus it leaves fresh smelling teeth and gums. A mouthwash is considered a nice addition to the dental hygiene routine although it is not mandatory.

But not all mouthwashes are the same. There are certain types of mouthwash which contains ingredients which cause sensitive teeth. These ingredients include acids which further exacerbate sensitive teeth so if you already suffer from this then be aware that your mouthwash make worsen your sensitive teeth.

Using mouthwash too often or rinsing your mouth out with an alcohol based mouthwash also causes sensitive teeth.

Fluoride mouthwash

One answer is this is to choose a mouthwash which does not contain alcohol but has a high level of fluoride instead. Alternately, you can look for a mouthwash which is specially designed to treat sensitive teeth.

It might help to look for a brand of toothpaste which is aimed at people with sensitive teeth. There are certain brands of toothpaste such as �Colgate� or �Sensodyne� which are known as �low abrasion� toothpaste which means that they are less harsh on your teeth.

Our treatment for sensitive teeth section contains information about toothpastes for sensitive teeth.